One-of-a-Kind Original Paintings and Prints by UK Contemporary Artist Caroline Boff

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"A controlled explosion of enamoring vitality combined with an innately stimulating ethereal relationship with expressive colours, Caroline Boff’s pictorial conceptions herald a powerfully direct connection to the artist’s profound emotions and intimate experiences that are subtly shared with the viewer catalysed by the joyful energy encompassed in her art."

Timothy Warrington, International Confederation of Art Critics. - Read the full critique here.

A Clear Vision

In the ‘Getting There’ years, the colours became even brighter, more vibrant, and more plentiful. This reflected a sense of hope, and the eventual coming together of a lot of hard work. There can be miracles when you believe, and this work represents an obvious revelation in positivity.

Wild at Heart

This phase was a more unsettled, yet happy time. A clear sense of movement and energy can be gained from this artwork.

As all the items on the site are hand painted I cannot be liable for any irregularities in the nature or character of the work. Images are not to scale so please contact me for further information, other than that with each painting.


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