One-of-a-Kind Original Paintings and Prints by UK Contemporary Artist Caroline Boff

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"A controlled explosion of enamoring vitality combined with an innately stimulating ethereal relationship with expressive colours, Caroline Boff’s pictorial conceptions herald a powerfully direct connection to the artist’s profound emotions and intimate experiences that are subtly shared with the viewer catalysed by the joyful energy encompassed in her art."

Timothy Warrington, International Confederation of Art Critics. - Read the full critique here.


This work is created with a sometimes wry social commentary yet of course, 'Chill'

Tiger’s Eye

Acrylic Paints on Canvas

36" x 36”

Ever Increasing Tribal Fusion

Acrylic Paints on Canvas

36” x 36”

The Followers

Acrylic Paints on Canvas


Be Present

Acrylic Paints on Canvas



Acrylic Paints on Canvas


As I Began To Love Myself

Acrylic Paints on Canvas 

36"x 36"

Stop Sticking Your Beak In

Acrylic Paints on Canvas

40”x 30"


You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

Acrylic paints on canvas. 40" x 30"

Paradise Beach

Acrylic Paints on Canvas 40" x 30"

Brexit (Temporary Piece)

Chalk Spray and Acrylic paints on Canvas, 36"x36"


Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 24.5” x 17”

Abstract Rose

Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 40" x 30"


Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 30” x 20”

Mum and Baby Tigers

Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 30 inches by 20 inches

Wishing Well

Acrylic Paints on Deep Canvas, 40 inches by 30 inches

Intense Rose

Acrylic Paints on Deep Canvas, 30 inches by 20 inches

Single Rose

Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 16 inches by 12 inches

Electric Rose

Acrylic Paints on Deep Canvas, 30 inches by 20 inches

As Yet Untitled

Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 40 inches by 40 inches

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