Who am i ?


As I become more prolific in my painting I ask myself who am
I as an artist?
I do paint my emotions and each painting is a reflection of
that in lots of different ways.
I am wondering - what is it that I am trying to say? What
does my painting say to people?

First and foremost it is my most preferable way of

communication so I am saying all sorts of things in each painting. It is a
little window into my private life. One can say that it comes with risk or
leaves me too vulnerable. But I think it is important to be vulnerable in art
otherwise your message to my mind isn't honest or real. The issue is that
people don't necessarily see the message.

I hope to get more and more and more prolific so people know
me as an artist and in this blog I hope to communicate in the written word more
of what I am trying to say and who I am. Really one could sum up my message
throughout as being inspired by love. I have many times worn my heart on my
sleeve and put myself out there and I don't really intend to change that. I am
a pisces and the most important thing to me is love. I have a great family so
whilst it is not romantic love in my life at the moment I have my mum and
brother who mean the world to me and I do really when all is said and done feel

Have a great week!



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