Whilst the rain relentlessly beats down I find myself in a contemplative mood.

Hi all,Whilst the rain relentlessly beats down I find myself in a contemplative mood. Why is it when there is so much to do there are not enough waking hours in the day yet when there is not much to do boredom easily strikes and time just seems wasted. Balance we cry and maybe planning and self assertion is necessary.In my attached painting -'Rumours?...Own Your Own' I painted almost in a frenzy of creativity and in a flow state.

 I was surprised and pleased with the result. It is a representation of the question what is the meaning and point of reputation? When generally the views someone has of you is usually a reflection of themselves and their own shortcomings. The melting of all the colours into the sea just shows that rumours really are nothing in the grand scheme of things so although they may seem heavy and overwhelming they are basically nothing and just melt away into the sea from which we came. Perhaps the people who spread them are just as vacuous as the level of idiocy they perpetuate. Also this painting portrays the upset, disintegration and devastation of a once colourful and happy person caused by rumours especially when that person is fragile and very very sensitive to start with anyway.
In the painting the heaviness of the paint applied represents the huge burden that some people carry around with them unbeknown to the hurtful, hostile and unneccessarily cutting rumour mongerer. The arrogant claim all sorts of things but the fact remains if you haven't got the T-shirt you have absolutely no idea how it feels. So bear that in mind.
Rumours really can kill and in the words of Caroline Flack 'Just be kind to each other'.



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