The story of Tiger's Eye

Welcome to my intimate story of how Tiger's Eye was born.

I was painting animals already and got a lot of pleasure from the pros of expression in using the bright multi colour. Yet I was attracted to using the black paint as creating a contrast and a strong aesthetic statement and a tiger was therefore the perfect solution. I do use pencil initially often to outline my painting. Tigers look ferocious and this sentiment mirrors exactly what I was feeling and how I wanted to be portrayed at the time as well as the messasge I wanted to send out. I was furious with my situation and Tiger more than adequately depicts my frustration at the time. As always my art is a great outlet for my feelings and inspirations. Tiger's face became cubist which was born out of my battle for psychological and spiritual resolution as well as a call for help and huge desire for freedom. The cubism also thus was sending a strong message. There was also happiness as shown with the bright colours though coupled with a warning. Therfore there are two sides to my life and Tiger's face as shown in the carefully chosen different colours on the different sides and the different coloured though importantly florescent eyes showing determination, anger and omniscence.


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