The story behind 'Rumours?...Own Your Own'

For this piece a slightly smaller canvas was chosen. This was by chance though also with the sentiment that the viewer didn't mean as much to me.

Both Tiger and Rumours were painted in bright multi colours and were painted in a state of flow and in a frenzy of creativity. I was totally inspired and Rumours is a message with a lot of depth despite the much easier technical skill employed. Rumours?... is a painting with a lot of texture, depth and a corresponding depth of meaning. Each huge drip of paint in every different colour represents one or more phases of my life where my unusual upbringing and their conditions were disrespected, overlooked, trampled all over, cruelly ignored, misunderstood, misconstrued or talked about as if they were a negative thing. It is akin to bleeding. The truth is that my unique family situation has created an incredibly interesting life with an enormous amount of love and bravery. Thus one can see each drip as my war paint shouting at the viewer and at the same time and conversely a representation also of the heaviness of other people's neuroses which have impacted my life when I already had more than my fair share of stress. The melting away of the 'rumours' depicts their ultimate pointlessness, idiocy and vacuousness. Also it depicts the waste of energy and positive feeling. The subtle nod to the sea at the bottom exhibits the vastness of the world and the universe and that actually that is beyond any depth imaginable and existance imaginable so really these small battles don't really mean anything in the vastness of matter and being. It is also a nod to the disappearance of emotional and psychological automations created by likewise idiotic, vacuous, resentful , bitter, self important and shallow so called friends.


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