Summer is here and I am loving the better light for painting.


I am trying to strive for balance in my life at the moment. I don't know about other artists but for me I am finding that difficult. I need to start exercising more and try to do timetable and stick to it as much as possible. I have been having frenzied creating sessions then way too much time on social media, doing other things and flaking out. I have been really really tired after my house move and have been sleeping loads. Also, I do actually get a lot done but I am always striving to be my best and am propelling myself forward and honestly by the end of the day I forget what I have achieved and then feel like I am not good enough and that I have not done enough which is bonkers.


A friend said to me write down all you have done in a day and then cross it off. It does work but weirdly I don't want to face this list. I'm wondering why this is!


Anyway, my new house is an exciting step and I do feel very blessed to be following my passion and getting paid for it. Absolutely brilliant and I couldn't be more thrilled!


Just waiting for that balance, calm and stability!


Do what you love! It works out much better in the end I promise you that! 


Here is my painting 'Japanese Mountain'. I love the crazy composition of this one. Also here is my painting 'For The Love of Colour'. I have launched myself into abstract during lockdown and dare I say it I have actually quite enjoyed lockdown as it has forced me to stay at home and not feel bad about it!


Be you!


Lots of love



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