Love Myself

The Making of My Art - Taking the Breaks Off My Urge to Create

I am trying to maintain the balance between paperwork and time in my studio. It has been a difficult journey, as for a while I thought I had to be chained to my computer desk trying to figure things out. It is recently that I have been released back into my studio more often - by myself I might add.

I gave myself the permission to create which is what I really love to do. I adore my studio time and I now have a more healthy balance of art creation and the business side. It is a stange thing to explain to people where my inspiration comes from. In all honesty it just flows and hits me like a lightening bolt - what I should create. It can develop as I am in the process of painting and then afterwards I think Ahhh that makes sense. It is extremely personal and I believe it comes from the source of divine wisdom with the purpose of making people's lives better and making them happy. I hope you are enjoying your one wild and precious life! 



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