Rosalind Panda

Rosalind Panda , living in New York in United States of America is an artist that draws inspiration from daily life events, surroundings, life and nature! She paints primarily in oil, acrylic, pastel and uses mixed media to create unique patterns and textures on canvas.

“Every piece of her art work is a form of expression that she represents through colors, light, immediacy and timelessness. Her paintings are about a particular location or capturing the feelings evoked. The spectator can add a different perspective to her art work. Life is a gift and on this beautiful earth every human being is unique and we make each other stronger. Hence she likes to paint to remind herself how important and beautiful the creation process is for own self and to help others. She believes, when a painting is ready it impacts lives forever just by its presence.”

Thank you Rosalind for these lovely and uplifting words:
"Caroline' s art works are a form of expression through vibrant colors and they depict and deliver powerful message to the viewer.
Her art style is very natural as well as extra ordinary that compels the viewer to experience the depth and beauty in all of her art works. It is an absolute honor to know her as an artist and looking forward to working with her in the future.

My Hearty Congratulations!".

Below is her updated website in case you have not got a chance to look at it. It is gorgeous!


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