Real-Life Stories: Caroline Boff On The Art Of I Am Enough

What if you could live the life you have always wanted?

Caroline Boff, a contemporary artist from the UK, shares her personal experience of how ‘I Am Enough’ has totally transformed her career and her life and what advice she would give others.
In this inspiring interview, we discover how Caroline went from “the midst of despair” to exhibiting her work inspired by love all over the world after she started to believe in herself, thanks to Marisa’s ‘I Am Enough’ course.
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Your artwork is stunning, when did you start showcasing your work to the public?

Thank you. I did an online exhibition in Summer 2018. I had my first live showcase in March 2019 after starting ‘I Am Enough’.

What are your favourite things to paint?

Still life, nature, animals, seascapes. Most inspired by a love of a concept, a place, something or someone. Initially, I painted in the midst of despair, but these days I paint out of confidence, joy, and love.

My life isn’t perfect but it is manageable and I am enjoying it, which is really important. I think so many people don’t realise that they can have so much more, but they absolutely can!
You say you’ve applied ‘I Am Enough’ to your art, does this apply to all things in your life?

Yes, as much as possible and it is still increasing in effect!
I have moved into my own house on my own which was needed. I can sleep more soundly now, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore, which is a huge relief. I feel better. Marisa’s teaching creates a sense of wellbeing and positivity.

Since starting ‘I Am Enough’ I feel much more confident and happy going to the supermarket and in my interactions with people. I have faced emotional and traumatic demons and dealt with them. I feel so much stronger than before.
Because I know I can rely on Marisa’s audios and videos, I feel more confident than ever before. I trust her and believe in her. It is so worth it!
I can’t emphasise enough the brilliant effect ‘I Am Enough’ has had on my life.

I realised in doing ‘I Am Enough’ that I had unhealthy ideas about certain important aspects of my life and now I have the solutions, which gives me a great foundation for my entire life.
I have saved all of her emails as well and listen to them when I need a little pick me up.
This might sound extreme but it is very, very true. I know I am a work in progress, but things have improved for me very dramatically and very, very quickly. Marisa deals with the root cause of your problems and sorts it out.
How has ‘I Am Enough’ opened doors for you with your art and what advice would you give to those about to embark on a career like yours?

Since doing ‘I Am Enough’ I have exhibited at the New York Art Expo and The Brick Lane Gallery, London. Not only that, I have had offers from all over the world to exhibit. Namely one in London, one in Spain, two in Austria, one in Germany, one in the Netherlands, one in Canada, three in the USA, one in Tokyo, Japan, three in Italy, one during the Cannes Film Festival and during Art Basel in Switzerland. I am currently looking for sponsorship for these amazing opportunities!
‘I Am Enough’ has taught me to believe in myself and my capabilities.

For example, early on in the programme I was feeling down, but instead of letting that get the better of me I followed Marisa’s advice. I started emailing contacts on LinkedIn for art opportunities, with ‘I Am Enough’ in mind. It has given me the health and confidence to go for it.
I must have emailed over 20 people and very quickly someone got back to me and I had my first art fair slot and an invitation to have a billboard of one of my paintings on the London Underground.
Also, I was at an art event once and was feeling a little bit lost and then I got a text from Marisa’s team about an upcoming event and it really perked me up - ‘I Am Enough’ is like my security in lots of different ways. I really, really couldn’t bear to be without it. Because I could sense that Marisa was trustworthy and talking so much sense, I have been able to email and build up my contact list.
Your artwork has appeared in many publications, do you ever have a feeling of doubt with regards to what people might think and whether they appreciate your work?

There is the phrase ‘the tortured artist’. I think all artists experience that in some way. However, you have to just push on through it and do whatever needs doing at that point.

Action and belief are more important than your worry. Don’t beat yourself up.
‘I Am Enough’ opens your heart and being, because Marisa gives the exact therapy, instructions and tools in a safe environment to do this. As a result, I have been in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Mayfair and Chelsea Life, and House and Garden. My family now knows to leave me alone when I do my audios, they are my thing and they really have opened me up and have given me a new, extremely better life. Things are improving for me all the time!
If you could go back to your younger self, what would you tell her and why?

I would tell her to trust her gut instinct and to follow her purpose, in my case art and getting the right help!
To believe bigger and faster.
To know that she is very loved.
To reach out and to ask for help.
To open up.

The only person you have to impress and please is yourself and no matter how complicated and scary that might seem, it is far worse when all is said and done if you don’t.

“I Am Enough has facilitated the opening of many doors with my art! It has given me a new lease of life with my art and in general.” - Caroline Boff.


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