My New Home

In these times of the war with the microbial world my art
has seen a complete rejuvenation and renaissance. Having not had access to

my easel for over a month I was completely excited when it arrived home.

The painting I created called 'Home' (which is now my logo and attached here) is a clear favourite of mine and has been complemented much.

The reason for me it is such a favourite is because I painted the type and location of home in which I would like to live. I have to admit I enjoy the new possibilities and refreshment which moving brings. It is like oxygen for me and I find so much inspiration in moving. It is not that I am running away, it is simply that I am moving towards something- a better life, a more inspirational and interesting one, simply a change and a chance to discover new people, environments and places. Even new weather. I just enjoy the variety and the chance to start afresh with more new atmospheres to get inspired by.

I believe no matter where you are in the world people generally are the same. Of course some are more fortunate than others but I believe that doesn't necessarily mean that they are happier.

Due to some difficulties I have there are of course some extra basic needs which are imperative to meet. But it is possible for me to follow my dreams and achieve them with ease given the right circumstances and standards given to me.

At the moment my paintings are transporting me to some of these places whilst I wait to actually get there. I need to paint. Me painting is like a knee jerk reaction which has to happen in order for me to live happily and fulfilled.

In terms of you, my audience, I want you to gain enjoyment and happiness by having a painting of mine in your residence or workplace. Perhaps even to inspire you to live the life you have always wanted.

This work is available, email me if you are interested

Stay Safe!

Inspired and Warm Regards,



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