Home Bound in the Chaos.


Luckily I work from home on my easel in my living room where
I have all of my materials. I do count myself lucky as I can sort of carry on
as normal. I almost feel smug about it which is a bit naughty But the reason
for that is that I have been and am working very hard on my art to make it a
success. I am just happy to be living my dream and I have a very supportive
family who I adore not to mention my two adorable little dogs!

I call my mum's house my holiday home as it overlooks a lake
and is great to relax at with a cup of tea and a cigarette. There is a big
window at my house which affords great light which is great and I love having
my own space, my little sanctuary where I can create in any atmosphere I choose
at any given time. This is what freedom and happiness looks like! How ironic in
this time of unease for everybody else! I have a back yard where I also am
learning to gain inspiration when I sit amongst my roses and international

I hope you all find your journey inwards as rewarding as I
have had and still have. I recommend meditation and good hypnosis and self

Love and Hugs

Caroline, Bobby and Lilly. x


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