Hi Everyone Me Again

Recently the Spain based Australian artist Melissa Corbett and I

interviewed each other about our artistic practice and what drives us to create
visual art. Melissa creates wondrous thought provoking work. Here is part one:
Melissa’s interview of me and my work.


MC: How did you get started? Did you study at art school or did you

start painting out of an inner desire to express yourself more

CB: I just always loved art. When
I was at primary school I used to look out of the window and wish it was art
during the other lessons. It relaxed me and made me feel good. For various
reasons I didn't go forward educationally with my art but I have decided that
it is never too late and just so happy that I am doing it now! Yes I do express
myself creatively through my art. It is a great means of doing that and it
gives me a voice.

MC: What inspires you in your
paintings? Thematically you seem drawn to animals as subjects... What do you
find fascinating about animals? For example I always find it really interesting
observing how animals have a really instinctive way of being in the world. They
don't overthink things, unlike us humans!

CB: I just feel that you can
always rely on your animals and they are all so beautiful. I want to capture
that beauty and their individual personalities and individual essence in their
being. I often find the cross over between man and animals belies a wonderful
message for us as humans in modern society. For example I have dogs and they
are so reliable and intuitive. I love that animals remind us of the importance
of true connection. A fact that can get a bit lost these days.

MC: You seem really passionate
about homelessness as a cause, which is such an important issue in big cities
globally these days. What role do you think the arts can play in helping the
homeless and urban poor?

CB: Yes it is. On an individual
level I believe the arts itself can open you up into being more human and to
the desperation present in some peoples lives. From there we can look at the
homeless as in need and to do something about it rather than them as some
'other' thing. They are human beings who have been through awful times and I
believe they deserve more humanity not less. There are some great homeless
charities here like Emmaus, The Well in Manchester, Shelter, Centrepoint, Urban
Outreach in Bolton, The Trussel Trust Food Bank and many more. Art and the arts
can be very therapeutic for people in need. At the Well in Manchester they have
started doing art at the shelter and have an art wall which is great!

MC: It seems like you are in a
really exciting time in your artistic career, for example your work is getting
widely exhibited and you even had one of your paintings featured in Vogue! For
newer artists how did you come upon these opportunities?

CB: Yes I am so excited. I just
adore art and feel so lucky that I am following my passion albeit starting my
career a bit later on in life!

 Well I think just keep it
simple. I just got in contact with publications and asked if they wanted to
write about me. They responded and said yes absolutely! I am so thrilled! In my
blog at www.carolineboff.co.uk I
have done an interview for Marisa Peer called 'The Art of I Am Enough' where I
expand somewhat. Belief and action are most important in generating
opportunities. Just keep making art and work hard! My parents were/are very
creative and intelligent, I have been blessed.

MC: What goals do you have for
the future? For example are you looking for more sponsors for your art, or are
you planning to do a residency soon?

CB: I am looking for gallery
representation first and foremost. I am researching which galleries I resonate
with at the moment.


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