Hi Everyone

Lockdown and the Pause for Thought

I really envy those people who live overlooking the beach
and sea in sunnier climes. To have that sense of freedom and fresh air. I know
all isn’t always as it seems but I am really struggling with feeling cramped. I
did boast earlier that I already have the situation I want. I am starting to
think that that isn’t quite right.

I think what I really want is freedom, respect, love,
relaxation and happiness. I have been let down many times in my life and it
just gets exhausting and exasperating. My newly created section of paintings is
called The Journey. What a journey it has been! But I am starting to think what
an amazing journey might still be to come. People keep telling me to write a
book which I think I would like to do but maybe I don’t because I fear not
finishing it and/or rejection. I do hope to though!

The painting here is called The Journey To Thailand.
Thailand is my most favourite place that I have visited that and the Maldives.
I just want some sort of paradise some guarantee that everything is going to be
okay. That I won’t be let down, that I won’t be broken hearted and broken
again. That I will be accepted for who I am not the mistakes that I have made.

As I make my way slightly nervously through the ripple
effect in the waters, I am hopeful that thisruea hang yaowill navigate me safely through the beautiful
rock formations to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Stay safe and well.

Ever Hopeful,


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