Hi Everyone

Caroline here, welcome to my website and my art!

I hope you are enjoying my work. It has been a labour of

love so far. Lots going on here. Bobby and Lilly my dogs are the most gorgeous and cute cheeky little
monkeys who insist on sitting right in front of my easel just at the exact
moment I am about to start painting! Wouldn't have it any other way, treats
thrown into the living room always solves it or a reassuring cuddle and nudge.
Love them dearly!

I was actually at 'The Well' a homeless shelter in Ardwick,
Manchester recently to donate one of my paintings 'Tropical Beach'(See attached
photos). It was well received and I was so happy to spread some sunshine. Mark
Evans and the guys there work tirelessly for the residents and visitors of the
shelter. Good luck Mark ! And thanks for all the lovely feedback !

I'm currently working on 'Tiger's Eye', which is a large sized canvas of a 

tiger's face in the style of modernism. The drawing is done the picture of

which you can see also on my Facebook page: Artist Caroline
Louise@carolinelouiseartist I'm excited about this one.

Catch up with you all soon,

Bye for now,

Caroline. x


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