Hi All

Styling it up in these difficult times.

Whilst the attached isn't a painting of mine I felt it was

an important photo to share as spreading a little bit of sparkle and light is
very relevant in these times.

Imagine if we all put as much effort into love, happiness
and humour as we did to catastrophising and being upset. I do feel it is important
not to watch the news constantly in these times as it becomes too much.

I honestly would adore to wear the glittery mask in the
photo. Her eye make up is stunning as well.

Interestingly the only people wearing masks in my local
supermarket are men not women.

I imagine sometimes that women of all ages and locations
could wear couture, fantastical style clothing and to be not thought weird.
Fashion is art for the body and if I was given half the chance I would be
wearing peacock feathers as angel wings off of the back of my jacket to say the
least. And to have multicoloured hair which in my imagination hairdressers here
in the North of England would get asked to do so often that they would be
instantly amenable to doing for me on a regular basis. Sadly this isn't the

Yes it is important that we all stay safe But also what a
great opportunity this would be for self expression rather than being glum. Yes
meditation but also a great time to get creative, dream, imagine and create a
more bright and colourful world.

Stay safe and healthy.

Caroline. x


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