Hi all,

As I consider how much feeling has to do with life I refer to
my painting here. I do think that kindness is everything and feeling your
feelings rather than being detached from the world around you or numb to it.
That is why I consider for men and women that crying is a necessary part of
like which helps not hinders. 

It is only since I allowed myself (and been allowed) to feel that I have been given countless Blessings such as a great relationship with my family, two gorgeous dogs, more peace of mind than I have ever known in my life, the list goes on and gets more and more each year. I have to say I nearly didn't make it and I have to remind myself that I am lucky to be alive. So before you toss someone aside as rubbish and stamp all over what feeling they have left in their bones you would do well to remember thatthey might be going through hell and you have just played a part in it. Ask God for guidance, listen to him, action it then let go. Just be kind that is all.



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