39 Years to Create My Self Portrait.


My self portrait is decidedly more positive than it was in 2004. The attached dark painting below is actually inspired by what I thought was someone familiar trying to communicate with me. Unfortunately I thought they were suffering and I needed them to have some 'airtime'. It was a sad time. Cut to 2020 and there are incredibly positive and uplifting influences in my life as well as faith and prayer. I am not a bible basher though I find there are incredibly positive effects of faith and keeping moving forward. The pink background in today's self portrait reflects a lot of happy colour being in my life and in its background. It is also the beginning of an acceptance of how I look and that I might be colourful but I am a good person and have an incredibly lot of feeling in my bones and am no longer wasting away. Interestingly Self Portrait had so much emotion in it's right eye that a pupil wasn't created. This happened by chance but reflects yet more shedding of excess stuff or baggage sometimes my own sometimes that of others. I am trying to learn self care and to not pick up other people's stuff. Everyone has their own journey and style yet I still find kindness to be imperative. I hope to increase my decency and communication with others without being so afraid. Hopefully more self portraits to come, health and knowledge of myself.


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