​I did it My Way.



As my 40th birthday is coming up very soon I am reflecting on what I have achieved and where I am at in my life at this important milestone.

I have been painting a lot of abstracts recently and I am not exactly sure why. One reason is that they are easier to express myself in the actual act of putting paint to canvas. In a whirl of energy my energy, whatever that is at the time, is translated onto the canvas.
In my stylistic more precise work more of a stronger message is arguably sent out. Though it is time consuming and more perfection is required. I tend to paint that kind of thing when I have a strong urge to portray an animal and their and my feelings. I find a picture and get a strong feeling that I can represent it in my own way and put my stamp on it. Thus translating a lot of energy and feeling in a precise way. I am however enjoying abstracts at the moment but I do intend to mix this with my more stylistic work when I get inspired to do so. I always though whatever the case may be do it My Way. The painting attached is 'My Way', Acrylic Paints on Canvas, 30 inches by 30 inches.
See you soon,


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